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Welcome to our Web site to Transforming Wisdom

Deacon Norm Carroll invites you with joy to this Website knowing that here you will find direction to a unique and powerful Christian learning experience for your community and his book that will provide a sensible, in-depth, and highly respected way of understanding the Bible.

Our website has five pages:
1. Our warm and personal greeting.
2. Spotlighting Christ
3. Extraordinary missions and retreats without charge.
4. A unique and insightful look on the Bible.
5. Monthly book review and meditation.

Jesus, the biblical Christ, profoundly impacted his listeners not only because of what he spoke, but especially by what he did – how he lived and died. Likewise, parishioners and participants in Catholic adult education must, to achieve self-transformation, see Christ come alive in the presenters of their parish missions and retreats. There is no substitute for this.

This is why Deacon Norm Carroll and Mary Moran, his partner seek to focus their lives and their retreats and missions on the biblical Christ. He, and not they, comprise the message.

Deacon Norm studied seven years for the priesthood, then trained and practiced as a chiropractic physician. He was ordained a Catholic deacon in 1979 and obtained his Dr. of Ministry degree in 1994. Mary Moran raised four boys, is renowned as a skilled proclaimer, and gained her Bachelors degree in religious studies in 2007. They have been presenting for twelve years Accepting the Biblical Christ, a unique informative powerful, and inspiring, spiritual experience for any Christian community. Together, they have presented over 180 missions and retreats throughout the country, (page three of this website). Deacon Norm completed recently his first book, Miracles, Messages, and Metaphors: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Bible (page four of this Website). You will learn how to interpret the Bible and be amazed at the wondrous wisdom drawn from its familiar stories and characters.

To understand Christ, we must understand how to interpret the Bible of which he is the central character. Did these authors intend their readers of the first and second centuries to accept literally every word they wrote, or did they write in the symbolic figurative style of their culture? Certainly and obviously, the latter is true. Therefore, our missions, retreats and Deacon Norm’s book Miracles, Messages and Metaphors: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Bible seek the meaning the authors sought to convey. Thurs, we direct this website to Christians and to all who wish to nurture their spiritual knowledge and gifts to their fullness, (the Christ within you).

Yes, you are called to be a christ, a savior, not with money, power or fame , but the Christ that Jesus was: teaching, healing and loving. To accomplish this, we must come to understand him. That brings us to the Bible and our community gathering and book both of which introduce us to Jesus the Christ our model.

The biblical Christ is calling you to his heights of human greatness. We urge you to rise from the tombs of depression, hostility and apathy. Take on the challenge of new life, and new identity – heroically living for others as another Christ.